Dr. Lydia Anne Mitchell

AUTHOR - Inspirational Speaker - FENG SHUI Consultant

Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

Lydia’s book Spiritual Reality gives you a smorgasbord of spiritual concepts in a light and joyful manner. Sharing her experiences and knowledge in a way to lighten the lives of those around us, and in so doing the earth which feeds us all.

Her goal is to awaken students to a life of integration, of heaven with earth, of spirit with matter. With this in mind Lydia created THE INTEGRATED SOUL PROGRAMME ™ a series of 6 courses aimed at shifting daily life to a higher level of joy and clarity.

The courses are: Alchemy of Love, Gratitude Revealed, Forgiveness Made Easy, Let There Be Joy, Finding your Soul Purpose and Creating a Sacred Space with Feng Shui.


Building on the times you are Happy

Give yourself time to enjoy the memory of moments in your life. This will in turn increase such moments as you value them and recognize them more. It is also a way to subtly and easily manifest more of what you want.

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A World Away

Would you rather be a world away? Where you are happy. We are always searching for something better, avoiding something worse. Earth is a blessing.

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Talking Through the Air

We believe that only solid objects are real. Yet we communicate daily via unseen, untouchable internet frequencies from miles away. Much like our own brain frequencies which travel through air the same way.

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