Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

Lydia’s book Spiritual Reality gives you a smorgasbord of spiritual concepts in a light and joyful manner. Sharing her experiences and knowledge in a way to lighten the lives of those around us, and in so doing the earth which feeds us all.

Her goal is to awaken students to a life of integration, of heaven with earth, of spirit with matter. With this in mind Lydia created THE INTEGRATED SOUL PROGRAMME ™ a series of 6 courses aimed at shifting daily life to a higher level of joy and clarity.

The courses are: Alchemy of Love, Gratitude Revealed, Forgiveness Made Easy, Let There Be Joy, Finding your Soul Purpose and Creating a Sacred Space with Feng Shui.

  • - Love
  • - Spirituality
  • - Healing
  • - Expansion
  • - Confidence
  • - Clarity
  • - Awakening
  • - Creation
  • - Manifestation
  • - Love


Healing Wisdom

Quotes Extracted From
“A Quest For Well-Being” Podcast Interview

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With Love and Gratitude

Video Courses

Join me in a series of 6 COURSES FOR FREEING YOUR SPIRIT
based on the Book Spiritual Reality and focusing on creating joy and healing relationships with yourself and others. Change the world around you as you change your personal world.


The Fear Factor, how to Free Yourself

We are truly on a manifesting planet.  It is our choice to manifest with joy and love. You are strong enough – the human race has overcome many obstacles over millennium. We did it with the help of friends and fa

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Calming colors for home using your personal element

Now is a time for rebalancing and regaining your calm with an environment that promotes feelings of peace and relaxation to find the love and joy in your heart. Generally calming colors are light shades of blue, blue grey, off white and green. Consider your Feng Shui element, determined by the year you were born, to find colors that resonate with you.

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Why BE happy now?

Happiness is not a goal- it is a process. The only way to accomplish the process is in the current moment.

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