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What inspired me to write the book Spiritual Reality?


Over the last 20 years I have started more than 11 books on topics as varied as a cookbook, Feng Shui book, Science Fiction, a children’s book and numerous motivational books. The children’s book was the only one that I finished – this was because it was very short! However, I did not publish it.

About 3 years ago I decided I was really serious about finishing a book, and publishing it.  Over the last 30 years I have connected with my spirit guides via Kinesiology or muscle testing as I mentioned in the last post.

I have self-muscle tested for things as simple as shopping, supplements and what events to attend and when. I am not a shopper so I really appreciated the help in this area. The events were handy as well. I may have been halfhearted about going to an event so I checked in with my guides for the bigger picture as to what the benefits were for going to the event.

Often when I was reluctant to go to an event my guides told me that I would meet someone there – that that was the actual reason I should attend the event. I have ended up meeting people this way who became long time friends. Also, people who I needed to connect with for some reason at the time. It could have been for their point of view, for the information they were providing or just to enjoy their company. Anticipating meeting someone gave me more to look forward to when going to an event.

With a background of confidence in my guides I asked for guidance on a which book to concentrate on. It turned out to be none of those that I had started.

But then the question was “what should I write about that I could finish and publish?” The answer that came back was something connected with spirit.

This was a surprise to me as the other books I had started were not obviously based on a spiritual perspective. Though the book on Feng Shui did broach the subject of energy and the unseen forces that shape our lives.  It took time, about 6 months, to adjust to the idea and then I buckled down and started writing the first draft.

My philosophy has been if I do not take the advice I am given by spirit, why ask!

I have been comfortable with a spiritual perspective most of my life, investigating various teachings and belief systems. It seems like a natural step to share the understanding I have gained over the years with others.   I hope that others will enjoy my communications and give me feed back as well.

The guidance I have received gave me the confidence and certainty to carry through with the goal of writing a complete book. I have indeed finished and published my first book entitled Spiritual Reality: Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary. 

The book addresses a Holistic range of topics ranging from agreements with physical matter, expressing gratitude, to maintaining a healthy life style in our physical reality.



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