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 Understanding Yourself and Your Talents

This week I am including an excerpt of my book: Spiritual Reality:transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary. It comes from Chapter 10, on the Joy of Serving. Oftentimes, you are not aware of all your talents. You may underestimate yourself and be overly critical. There is pressure from society to

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Different Kinds of Magic

In our focus on the physical aspects of our daily life we can miss the beauty and magic of the situations and scenes around us. The magic that surrounds us is often hidden in the details of life. You can search for this magic in many forms, but really the best way

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Balancing your Food in 5 Steps

I would like to talk about taking care of the physical vehicle that keeps us here on earth – our bodies. When our bodies are healthy, it is much easier to have a full and enjoyable life. Our physical health affects our mental and emotional health, and hence our ability

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Agreements between “us”

Opus Whale Song Video What do I mean by agreements? 1)There are agreements between people, communities and society. The basis of these determines how well the society and people in it function. From school rules to state rules they are a form of agreement – even if an individual did

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Science Leading into Spirituality

As a scientist I have always loved to experiment. There are many unknowns in life all begging to become an experiment. For how else will one ever know or feel comfortable with the possibilities if you have not tried different experiments to see what the results will be for yourself?

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