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We are part of the macrocosm downloaded into the microcosm of our amazing bodies.

Balancing your Food in 5 Steps

I would like to talk about taking care of the physical vehicle that keeps us here on earth – our bodies.

When our bodies are healthy, it is much easier to have a full and enjoyable life. Our physical health affects our mental and emotional health, and hence our ability to reach for the level of spiritual connection. Going to the doctor is expensive in terms of the stress factor, time, and money. It distracts from other more constructive pursuits in life and is something best avoided. The effort you take in looking after your physical vessel is well worth it in the short and long term.

We have so much food available in developed countries that we need to stimulate jaded palates more and more. Often it is a matter of gulping food down so we can do something else.

The meal needs to have many components to deserve our attention, let alone our praise. You may be so busy and focused that you do not notice the consequences to your health and body till you are ill.  Our stomachs get many and sometimes conflicting ingredients to digest—starches with protein, for example. We manage to break down the food to some level, because we are incredibly adaptable. There is also a tendency to overeat.

The connection with and appreciation of our food is blurring   We are also losing the connection with our bodies that keep us alive and give us time on earth. Looked at in another way, when you lose connection with your body, you lose connection with the vehicle that connects you to spirit.

Each body is different. connecting with your intuition, body, and spirit is a wonderful way to gain confidence in looking after your body. Here is an idea to try.

To bring your spirit, body, and food back into balance I recommend a simple ceremony.

This can be carried out before a meal and need only take seconds.  You can also hold hands with the people around the table while you do the ceremony.

1) Take a minute to look at your plate and the food on it. This also gets your digestive juices ready to go!

2) Say a blessing of gratitude for the food. One of my favorite blessings is, “Bless this food and all those connected with it.”

3) Think of something positive that you are grateful for in your life. Say that to yourself or the people at the table.

4) Know that the food brings you health and joy.

5) Ask the food to be easily absorbed and digested by your digestive system, giving you the nutrients that you need. Also ask that those components that you cannot use pass easily through your system with no damage to your system. (This is assuming you are not allergic to anything on your plate—in which case you should not be eating it!)

By requesting this of the food, you are making an agreement with the food (see chapter 1 in my book on agreement).

If you get a strong “no” to the request, scan the plate to see what particular food is causing the no, and do not eat it!  Listen to the food, as what you are told you should or should not eat by others can often be confusing.

In doing this you reconnect with the source of energy for your physical body.



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