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Different Kinds of Magic

In our focus on the physical aspects of our daily life we can miss the beauty and magic of the situations and scenes around us. The magic that surrounds us is often hidden in the details of life. You can search for this magic in many forms, but really the best way is to let it come to you.

How does the magic come to you? It comes by you having a commitment in your life to see the magic beyond the ordinary. A commitment and certainty that there is more than an intense focus on doing and achieving. This does not mean you cannot do or achieve. In fact I think that it improves your mundane physical reality making you clearer and more efficient.

  So what kinds of magic are there? What can we create and be on the lookout for?

  • There is the magic of beauty seen in the land scape – in the country the green of the trees and the open spaces are a rest for the eyes and soul. In the city the buildings and the things we create as humans as well as the creations of nature. The magic of a sun set reflected in thousands of windows magnifying the colors and creating new patterns. The magic of a smile can be seen in any landscape or location.

  • There is the magic of the unexpected – pulling a card from a deck of divination cards that you have put back thinking it was not the ‘right’ one. Then having it come up again with almost an impossible statistical probability. This has happened to me numerous times. I have even put a card back on purpose saying to myself it is correct it will appear again, and it has!


  • There is the magic of a community or group pulling together to become more than the sum of their parts. Even if it is something as simple as a social event, or gaining ground for a neighbourhood playground. It is a miracle of people working together to achieve a common goal and enjoying the process as well as the results.

  • Then there is the magic of working with machines to create something that could not be done easily by man. The components of the machinery created and engineered by unseen hands. The energy and resources worked on by many people to have the operation a success and the mission accomplished with less time and tired backs.

Below is a sign that weighs about 200 kg being lifted into place by men and a large mechanical                   claw. It is a simple thing – but for those involved it is a small miracle.

  • Last but not least there is the magic of the earth that supports us giving us live food, water and air without which the miracle of our lives would not exist.

What makes these things magical aside from their inherent beauty and creative manifestation?

I think it is because we truly do not understand them – even when we are the ones creating them.

See what magic you can find today!!


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