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Challenges Dissolved

We are coming up to New Year. A time of making promises to ourselves. Of goals we would like to accomplish and challenges we would like to meet.

 They maybe goals you have had for the last 5 years and they have turned into a real challenge for you to accomplish.

They maybe new goals that you want to accomplished based on your successes in an area.

Some favourite goals are losing weight, getting a new job or finding a partner. These are the broad-brush stroke goals. You can think of your own goals as you read on.

Each of your goals will come with their own list of challenges. For goals are often seen as having challenges associated with them, challenges that seem to resist the creation you want to manifest.

First, I need to answer the question “What is the definition of a challenge?”

 My simple definition is as follows:

  • Something that you want to accomplish.
  • Something you feel at some level that you cannot accomplish or the odds are against you.
  • Something that you are focusing on.

An example of a challenge varies for each individual. What maybe a challenge for one person is not a challenge for another. What was once a challenge may not be a challenge down the road of time.

How do you dissolve your challenges?

One of the ways I want to talk about today is by defocusing.

When you focus on a challenge you reinforce it. It is one of our universal rules on this plane. When you focus on something you reinforce and create it in a clearer form.

So, the more you focus on your challenge the more you are reinforcing it. I am not saying to blindly ignore the challenges you have in a particular goal. I am suggesting to defocus the challenge. To see the challenge through blurred vision so to speak.

When your mind sees the challenge ahead of you see the edges blurred. Do not give it the power of clarity. Know that it is one possibility in many options. See the other options superimposed and the original challenge seems to blur.

Practice defocusing the challenge by seeing the other options in the same space.

An example could be to imagine finding a job you want as the goal. You have looked and had trouble finding what you want to do. An associated challenge can be:  there are not many jobs of that kind available.

On this challenge start to visualize or write down where you have seen those jobs what inspired you to think of that as your job goal, who else has those jobs, how far would you travel etc. for that job.

When you do this not only do you defocus on the challenge but you learn more about yourself and your goal.

In this way the challenge can be converted into a positive and inspiring part of your goal.

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year filled with joy, love and goals met!

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