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Robert Ullman 5.0 out of 5 stars    A How-To Spiritual Manual in a Down to Earth Format January 24, 2019 Format: Kindle Edition There are lots of spiritual books out there, but this one is special! Not only is the author both a scientist and a Feng Shui advisor, but

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A Higher Perspective

Sometimes we get caught up in our daily to-do list. A list that usually contains things we want to do and things we do not want to do. Either way our focus is on what we want to do, what others want us to do, or we thing we should

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Attended Daniel Mitel course in Chile

In November 2018 I attended Daniel Mitel’s 4-day course “Journeys into the Heart” in Santiago, Chile. It was a wonderfully organized and inspiring course. The meditations and exercises were orchestrated to help develop and open your heart connection. Some of the processes Daniel lead us through were: * releasing and

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Climbing Mountain High

When your goals feel like a mountain too high to climb. Here are some recommendations.
1)stop and sit quietly for 5 minutes with the intention of relaxing and letting go.
2)ask for guidance from all those seen and unseen forces around you.
3)Stay in the present with one step at a time.
4) Let go of trying to do more and more on the physical plane. Sometimes the harder you try, the more resistance you will find and the less successful you will be.
5)Gratitude: Whatever part of your goal becomes reality be grateful for it. No matter how big or how small. There are always many people and spirits involved who deserve your gratitude.

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Messages for the year

It is the year 2019 – this is a year of rapid change and creativity.
Time flows in a manner that seems to defy logic and known experience. I ask you to go with it. To flow with the changes and events. Mystery is part of life. Acceptance allows you to grow. The year will also bring unity.
There are many forms of unity. It is for you to select the forms that most support you, your family and friends. One way or another you will unite with different groups. Do it with acceptance of the differences between you as well as your united goal.
Then be patient. Goals for the good of all will emerge as your manifestation with love, patience, faith and positive action.
I wish you all love, faith, success and joy in the coming year.

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