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Messages for the year

Welcome to my blog.

Here are a couple of thoughts and ideas for the coming year.

It is the year 2019 – this is a year of rapid change and creativity.

Time flows in a manner that seems to defy logic and known experience. I ask you to go with it. To flow with the changes and events. To know with certainty that the outcome for you, those you know and those you care about will be as it should. That is the only thing that you can in fact be certain of. It is OK to be uncertain of how these things happen.

Mystery is part of life. Acceptance allows you to grow.

It develops faith in the Divine as well as your own resources.

It develops faith in the synchronicity of events.

It develops trust that you will be supported and helped as the loved child of the universe that you are.

You begin to feel and see the invisible threads around you that connect you with all that is. Threads that support you in the challenges you have chosen in this life time here on this wonderful, green, thriving planet.

So, go with it! Do what you can when you can with faith, trust and the knowledge that you are being supported in your path. Know that others are also supported in their path – a path that is not yours. We each have our own paths. We none of us know all the information to judge or decide that of another.

The year will also bring unity.

There are many forms of unity. It is for you to select the forms that most support you, your family and friends.

One way or another you will unite with different groups. You will support them with your physical energy or maybe only through your thoughts. When you do this be aware that you are making a difference and that you too are being affected by the groups you associate with in some form. We can reach our goals as an individual – but it is nearly impossible to do so if they are goals for a larger purpose.

Energy comes from other people as well as the earth, stars and our divine spark. You need all those sources of energy to thrive.

When you have selected a group that you will support in some form, do so with love and understanding for the beings in it.

Do it with acceptance of the differences between you as well as your united goal. Release the karmic binds and forgive all those in the group that may have offended you, your family or friends.

Then be patient. Goals for the good of all will emerge as your manifestation with love, patience, faith and positive action.

I wish you all love, faith, success and joy in the coming year.

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