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Climbing Mountain High

Villarrica, Patagonia Chile

When you feel as if your goal is like a mountain too high to climb.

Or in my case – a snow covered volcano which I can see from my yard. Think of the times that you feel your goals are as high and out of reach as that distant mountain. You think to yourself what to do what to do???  Here are five simple recommendations.

1) The first recommendation I have is to stop and sit quietly for 5 minutes with the intention of relaxing and letting go. When you let go of an intense focus and attachment it gives the universe the opportunity to do what it can for the goal to manifest. Your focused energy is not in the way.

The attachment that we have to our goals can block the helpful energy of our spiritual guides. It can also block our thinking process in the sense that we become myopic – only seeing the one option or possibility as the best. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to have the whole picture in our grasp.

2) In this space of peace ask for guidance from all those seen and unseen forces around you, your favourite spiritual guides, or the nature spirits and earth depending on what your preference and goals are. Be clear to ask for guidance and help that is also for the good of all as well as your particular goal.

See what comes to you. If nothing comes but a sense of peace and confidence that is also perfect. The rest comes later as you go about the physical plane.

3) A way of being in the present is with “one step at a time”.  Next recommendation is something I used when I was literally climbing mountains in the snow. What kept me going was the thought I can do “one step at a time” up the mountain.

It was very steep and cold. I was worried about falling off the mountain. But if I focused on one step at a time it brought me slowly up the mountain (my trusty crampons helped as well).

It is a way of being in the present. So, in the same way it is necessary to defocus from your attachment and goal that I mentioned above it is necessary to focus on the current moment.

This also allows events to unfold in a manner and way that supports all. Not to mention being less stressful and hence enabling you to think more clearly and accomplish your goal.

4) Let go of trying to do more and more on the physical plane. Sometimes the harder you try, the more resistance you will find and the less successful you will be. There is a certain amount that you can do on the physical plane and the rest needs to be managed in the spiritual plane.

Often with goals there are complex interactions that take time and are not in your physical control. Of course, you do what you can physically – but it is also important to let things unfold for the good of all.

I had wanted to manifest a sealed road – it took several years. For me this was a reasonable time frame considering the councils, government and people involved as well as the construction company. I am extremely grateful to all those involved, as there are other dirt roads with more traffic and people who are still waiting for a sealed road.  This brings me to the final point

5) Gratitude: Whatever part of your goal becomes reality be grateful for it. No matter how big or how small. There are always many people and spirits involved who deserve your gratitude.

I wish you the best in all your endeavors for the good of all.

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