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Attended Daniel Mitel course in Chile

In November 2018 I attended Daniel Mitel’s 4-day course “Journeys into the Heart” in Santiago, Chile.

It was a wonderfully organized and inspiring course. The meditations and exercises were orchestrated to help develop and open your heart connection.

Some of the processes Daniel lead us through were:

* releasing and healing exercises and meditations

* illuminating the heart

*connecting with mother earth and father sun.

*opening the third eye

* activation of the third eye

*Going to the sacred space of your heart

* creating the merkarba

I also attended the first Kriya Yoga initiation.

Kriya Yoga is a spinal breathing technique which in my experience both activates and relaxes you. I was blissfully relaxed at the end of the initiation. It is a simple thing to practice daily and well worth the effort.

I feel the whole course has shifted me in a direction that is more heart-based. It is one of the few courses that I have taken that I felt the information and exercises/meditations have had a permanent effect on my life.

It is often easy to leave the course in the course room when you go. In this case I have taken the benefits with me as well as the interest to practice daily – even if in small ways for shorter or longer time periods – depending on my current focus.

I highly recommend the course where ever you may find it.  

I particularly like one of his phrases on his web page describing the benefits of his classes:

“Learn to be a Citizen of the Universe and deal with all Earth’s issues from the Cosmic Unconditional Love perspective”

Very nicely said!!!!

I think this is a very important goal. We need to step up to the plate and do our share in creating a world that is based on knowledge, unconditional love, vision and forgiveness.  

Times are a changing and we can either pick up our boot straps or we can drag along.

Let’s go for the boot Straps !!

 More information on this course and others is found on Daniel Mitel’s web site:

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