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A Higher Perspective

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Sometimes we get caught up in our daily to-do list.

A list that usually contains things we want to do and things we do not want to do. Either way our focus is on what we want to do, what others want us to do, or we thing we should do.

This is all good – having a to-do list keeps us going. Although we may imagine life on a beach with nothing to do, after a while the reality would likely become boring.  

Sometimes you may find the list can be too long and too intense. Then some of the joy and perspective of your accomplishments fades. The beach starts looking really good!

How can you manage your accomplishments and the sense of joy and satisfaction in your daily life?

One age old and true method boils down to gratitude.

When you are intensely focused you do not see the forest for the trees. The many small things to be grateful for disappear in the larger goal which needs to be done. Gratitude is postponed till the goal is accomplished. But then there is another goal or sometimes many waiting in line or on top of each other, forcing the sense of gratitude down and away.

Here are some ideas and solutions to create a sense of gratitude:

Feel gratitude for items that you touch in the process of your to-do list.

  1. If it is the dishes – think of the clay that made them and the earth that formed them. Then there are the hands and factories that processed them and shipped them, the shops that stocked them so that you could buy them.
  2. If you are working on the computer take a second to marvel at those busy electrons flying though wires and cells to do your bidding. It really is quite amazing. Sometimes it may not be exactly what you want – but imagine communication without them.
  3. When you get into your car think of all those parts working together to get you there. You have a trusty steed of steel. Talk to it and thank it for its good job. Know that it will not leave you in a bad location if it really needs some TLC.  I like to name my cars. The name just comes to me.
  4. Last but not least is the food you eat. The supermarket is full of food. All those farmers, nature spirits, earth, transporters and shops. Many hands have worked to bring you nourishment. That is certainly something to be grateful for – we are not all farmers and would not have the space with the population demands.

Make your own list of things you are grateful for in your daily life.

When you look at your daily life through the filter of gratitude it’s easier to enjoy the moments that you have and the things that you do.

We are truly blessed to be here on this earth and the more that we see this the more of a blessing we ourselves become. Key Words


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