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We are part of the macrocosm downloaded into the microcosm of our amazing bodies.

A Life that Shines

In my book “Spiritual Reality: Transforming the ordinary into the Ordinary”

I talk about incorporating a sense of spirit into your daily life. Why would you want to do this? –well it adds a dimension to your life as well as a sense of joy, understanding and connection. To explain this in a bit more detail here is an excerpt of the chapter on “A Life That Shines”.

Whenever you look anywhere and see the beauty of spirit, your life is enriched.

Following are some of  advantages of seeing the spiritual in the ordinary physical existence.

We expand our physical world to include something magical.

Yes, spirit is something that is not defined and is not as visible as the physical world. This is in a sense what makes it magical. We have to shift our focus away from the everyday viewpoints to see the magic around us. This defocusing also gives us more perspective in our everyday lives.

Just as taking a short break when working on a project gives you new ideas on the project, many great discoveries have their starting point when people are taking a shower or are relaxed, letting in the messages from spirit. Similarly, when you first wake up in the morning and are not really yet in the physical reality of the day, you find that ideas flow.

These connections and ideas from spirit can save a lot of time and energy in the physical world. Ideas come to you, bringing clarity and focus to a task that may have been confusing or tedious.

Agreement with the world around you reduces your stress levels and can add a new, enjoyable element to your life.

Start making agreements with things as well as people around you. When you do this, you add another dimension to your daily life. It can become a game. You can test your magic muscle. Make it playful, not another competition or task that needs to be done. Bring some fun into your life. Then be grateful for the magic that flows from it. You can actually start seeing the results of spirit in all things, as well as your connection with it.

It can be something as simple as asking a lock to open easily. It could be guessing the time without a watch. Maybe you can see an aura about an object by defocusing and looking at the object in a relaxed way.

Experiment with a pendulum for questions you may have. See what you come up with yourself to incorporate spirit into your daily life.

It adds an element of fun to your life.

Exercises and experiments enable your body and mind to incorporate the knowledge of the physical plane with spiritual energy. Do these experiments with fun and avoid judging yourself. There is no failing in this arena. It is an exercise in connecting with spirit; there can be no failure in that. The fact you are making an effort will connect you in some form with spirit, expanding your world.

I hope some of this resonated with you – have a great week!

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