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Serendipity: Are we fated for one particular person?

The movie Serendipity it more thought-provoking than many romantic comedies while still being light and easy to watch. The story line is about a woman who meets a wonderful man and spends an evening wondering around with him in New York at Christmas time. She believes in fate or destiny. So will not give him her number in an easy to find way – leaving it up to fate to decide if they are to be together (at the time they both had other partners).

I will not go into detail on the story line in case you have not seen the movie and want to watch it. The long and the short of it is that after 2 years they finally find their respective phone numbers which have been sent out to the universe or in this case the part of the universe which is called New York city.

The movie seems to be about being fated for one particular person. An issue of fate. But I think it has other interesting aspects which are hidden in the plot.

To me the movie is very much about trust in something greater or more knowledgeable than ourselves. Something that has the power to change the physical reality and manipulate it to it’s will. The assumption is also that the will doing the manipulating of physical reality is a benevolent one. That only good will come from this guidance. I say guidance as they always have a choice, as we have choices every day.

This brings me to another aspect of the movie. At any point they are free to ignore the clues offered by destiny. They made choices based on their feelings together with observing the guidance and clues offered to them. Sometimes we forget that each day and each moment is a choice. Whether you believe in a specific destiny for you or not – there are always moments in your life where you make choices. They may be as simple as choosing to look on the bright side.

In the end of the movie – after many twists and turns they found each other. This is not a surprise as I always like movies with happy endings.

They trusted their instincts, feelings and belief in finding their partner. How many times a day do you find you need to trust that things will work out? Shifting your focus from all the things that can go wrong to the goals that you want to create.

Their trust gave them the courage to act and follow through with what they felt was right for them.

Then we come to the third subplot – release.

When they let go along the way in their determined and sometimes confused efforts fate could take a helping hand and bring their dream partner to them.

Letting go is sometimes the best you can do.

It is not like giving up where you have no hope – in a way it is the reverse of that. Because when you are letting go with the intention of giving destiny or higher guidance a chance you are in fact being very clear and positive.  The universe knows what you want and are allowing it to support you guiding you into the best action, or no action depending on the situation.

So, whether or not you believe there is one perfect partner fated for you, the movie has at least three  take home lessons to share.

What is your destiny? What do you want to choose creating? Whatever it is

act from your instincts – have faith – choose your options – let go!

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