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Receiving Inner Guidance

For me the above photo is like sparks of light in an immense sky. The white clouds are moving and formless yet strong in their visual effect. There is so much sky and so many places to go, so many choices and a huge universe out there.

Inner guidance can light the way to a changing universe and path. Those white ‘spark’ clouds are like inner guidance. Information from the heavens in neat packages to help you on your path. You can even see the pattern they create focused on the lower left-hand side. As if they are converging to one point. Some grand plan maybe.

But what exactly does inner guidance mean to us as individuals?

I have been seeking and receiving inner guidance for many years. It takes an act of faith initially as the logical mind can play havoc with the unseen and unknown.  That is where faith and experimentation come in. The saying you have to be in it to win it works for receiving spiritual guidance. It is something that you have to experiment with and ask for.

You need to ask in order to receive. Without asking you may be aware of receiving images and thoughts from somewhere, but likely not take notice or appreciate the information. It takes a concerted effort to go against the logical mind which likely will say the message is nothing or just coincidence.

One-time years ago, I was going to a restaurant in with friends. I had the feeling I should take a bottle opener. It seemed ridiculous to take a bottle opener to a restaurant – so I did not take it. It turned out to be a small restaurant with a BYO policy – and you guessed it we needed a bottle opener. That was for me the start of paying attention to the messages I was receiving. It may not seem like much, but the experience was repeated in small ways over again to the point I could not even logically deny it.

I realized that if I paid attention to the thought that came to me on an intuitive level it was like a personal trainer!

There are many ways to do this aside from receiving direct thoughts from spirit. I have used kinesiology testing, a pendulum and diving cards. I have at this point in time 10 packs of cards ranging from Crystal Deva Cards by Cindy Watlington to You Can Do it Cards by Louise Hay.

When I ask for guidance with kinesiology testing (see blog 2: A Defining event in my Spiritual Awareness for more detail), pendulum or cards it seems more like a student asking a master for guidance, clarity and help. I know from experience my guides have more information available to them than I do consciously at the time.

Those times when I want more clarity into a situation or person I ask for advice in these forms. When doing this it is very important to be clear on the advice that you receive being for the best and highest for the good of all. Being grateful for the advice is also important. When you ask in this way you are letting go of attachment you may have to the answer. Attachment is something that can block or change the advice in a direction that you are attached to. Which hopefully is not the goal of asking for advice!!

I sometimes pull cards for fun to see what I get. There is no attachment just a question of what energy I am to consider incorporating into my day. To give my day a bit of magic and a boost. A sparkle like the clouds in the photo above.

May your intuition and guidance sparkle and flower.


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