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How to destress in the Moment

  Like the sun set in the photo above each moment brings change and each moment is never the same. Each moment is fleeting. That is the beauty of the moment. Living in the moment is something important to practice whether it is a social occasion you are anticipating or

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Scarlet to Attract Success

Macaw Parrots are the largest and most intelligent parrots, living up to 75 years. These pictured are a beautiful shade of scarlet. Power success, persistence and confidence is associated with the color scarlet.  It is a brighter orange tone variation of the color red. If you have a project you

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Free yourself from pain with the color red

We are all solid and we are all frequency. How can this be? Each solid is composed of vibrating atoms giving the composite its own special vibration. When I did research into the structure of molecules I used a Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer (NMR). NMRs can detect the resonating frequencies

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