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How to destress in the Moment


Like the sun set in the photo above each moment brings change and each moment is never the same. Each moment is fleeting. That is the beauty of the moment.

Living in the moment is something important to practice whether it is a social occasion you are anticipating or a challenging work situation. It could be a one-time traumatic event that you have to deal with on a daily basis. Doing so in all these situations changes your ability to deal with the situation as well as making your life more fun. Read on for the chapter summary on living in the moment in my book Spiritual Reality.

You can use living in the moment to de-stress and to connect with the spirit in all things. With practice, you will be able to move more easily into a state where you are living in the moment. You can do this for seconds or minutes or a day.

There was a major shift in my life that was very stressful. It was also the kind of situation that could stress any relationship. In order to cope, I used the technique of living in the moment whenever I felt overwhelmed. It changed everything for me. It sometimes took only five to thirty seconds of defocusing from the worry and then living in the moment to shift my approach to the problem, even when in a meeting on the subject of my stress. I was able to think of pathways to follow in order to alleviate the immediate problem and block out any fears for the future. It was amazing how living in the moment transformed the whole event. In the long term, what seemed like a potential catastrophic event ended up being the best that could have happened.

I recommend that you practice living in the moment with these techniques. You can start by asking for assistance from spirit. Then do one or all of the four techniques. Which technique can depend on the circumstances you are in and how many seconds you have to defocus. The first three techniques work in company; the last two techniques likely need more privacy.

In summary

  • Ask for help and support from the spirit within

  • View everything you see as a gift

  • Breathe consciously

  • Roll your eyes

  • Move your body intuitively

Living in the moment is an important step to connecting with the spiritual reality around you. Asking for assistance is reaching for the spirit in all things around you, with faith that you are indeed supported.”

See the chapter in the book for more details. Wishing you many great moments!!!

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