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Accessing your intuition and guidance








Walking with a friend and talking about the different methods of accessing your intuition reminded me of sections in my book which focused on this. Accessing your inner intuition and guidance takes some faith and experimentation. But it is well worth the effort giving you faith in both your self and the divine support that surrounds you. Following is part of my introduction to my book Spiritual Reality: Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary.  There are 2 forms of self-muscle testing shown above. You can use which ever form you are most comfortable with. There are also other methods of connecting with inner guidance such as dowsing with a pendulum or copper rods which I will approach in a separate blog.

There are many ways of connecting with your guides. As I mentioned earlier, there is kinesiology muscle testing, which chiropractors use to test for recommended vitamins and muscle imbalances. The body can act as an amazing tool that can provide us with feedback. Self-muscle testing allows us to connect with the inner spirit and bypass our conscious processing.

There are any number of questions you can ask when using self-muscle testing or kinesiology testing, which has been used as a diagnostic health tool by chiropractors. The technique I mentioned in the preface accurately accesses the electric system and can be used any time we need to address a physical, emotional, mental, or soul-level problem by reading the strength or weakness of our muscles. Self-muscle testing involves using the fingers on your hand for a yes/no response.

Some questions you can ask are:

  • When or where are recommended events to attend?
  • Which particular emotions need to be resolved or diffused?
  • Is a certain food causing me problems?
  • Which supplements to take, A or B or C, and how many per day?
  • Which option is better, A or B?


Muscle testing accesses your intuitive and energetic systems. It is not a replacement for conventional medical diagnostics. Do not rely on muscle testing alone to determine whether you have an illness, food sensitivity, or other serious condition.

I have used kinesiology with practice for shopping (which I am not fond of), and for deciding when and where I need to go. It is a way of connecting with your spirit, higher self, and guides. The way you ask the questions for the yes/ no response is very important. It is a very literal method of receiving a response. Another way of doing this is with a pendulum or dousing rod. There are many ways of connecting with spirit on a physical response level. As a scientist, I love the yes/no response.

I have had wonderful success and many experiences to verify that I am in fact connected to a higher power and knowledge base. I have used it to decide when is a good time to go on holidays. The results have always been impressive.

Have fun testing!


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