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Chi and Food

I enjoyed an interesting Utube video on the connection of Chi with food by Mingtong Gu a QIGong master.  It is a different view on food and diet. He also demonstrates and explains Chi in a practical way as well as the connection he is making between Chi and food.

The video helps you to focus on food in a different way – not something you should or should not eat – what is good or bad for you but what gives you energy. If you do not enjoy the food it gives your body the idea that the food is not good for it. If you love eating it and feel good about the food, eating it slowly with joy and the intention of nourishing yourself it changes the energy of the food.

If you cannot digest the food it cannot nourish you. You train your digestive system to accept certain foods and not others. Mingtong makes a good point in that if you tell your digestive system often enough that it does not work, it will not work. You are training it to not function with some foods. He is suggests observing and communicating with your body and the food in a way that nourishes you, opening your body to the food.

The video reminds me of a visit I made to a naturopathic doctor years ago. I went to determine my food allergies. The most interesting thing to me about the appointment was the following: He pointed out that if I was allergic to eggs for example and kept eating them with potatoes eventually my body would be allergic to the potatoes as well. It would develop an association with the food eaten with the allergen. This was an indication that our emotions and beliefs do in fact affect the results of our digestion process.

When you give your body positive feed back while you are eating food or medicine this leads to digesting and utilizing these things at their best potential in combination with your own body.

Next blog I will give an amazing example of food and one friends personal relationship with it.

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