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We are part of the macrocosm downloaded into the microcosm of our amazing bodies.

What can you eat? An amazing story!

We are all different and individual. Each of us has grown up with our own special experience, in our country, neighborhood and home.

What we eat nourishes our bodies and our lives. In the physical aspects of life food and water are very important in keeping us alive.

There are many view points on food and what you should eat. There is also your blood type which adds another factor to what happens to the food when you digest it.

This blog is about another point of view which I found amazing when I came into contact with it. It is a story about a friend’s diet. 

The point of the following story is twofold.

  • To demonstrate that no one but you know what is good for your body and mind to make it strong and healthy giving it what it needs to be positive and enjoy life. You can study and learn and see how the ideas out there work for you.
  • Your body is amazing. It adjusts to the circumstances around you. It also adjusts to the belief systems you hold. Your body is composed of many levels, physical which is visible and Chi not normally visible to the eye much like radio, Wifi and phone signals. I believe how you think about your food is important to directing how it is digested and functions in your body (see previous blog).

That said here is the story of my old friend at the time that I met him- he was about 30 years old. He was the picture of health. Hansom and muscled, very active mentally and physically.

He had an illness when he was young which affected his digestive system. He could only eat potatoes and bread. Eventually he had an operation to reverse his condition. In the meantime however he was very accustomed to his diet. So for the rest of his life he ate french-fries, some bread, coffee and beer when he was older.

I really could not believe it, but I never saw him eat anything else. He said that when he was a teenager and wanted to impress the girls with more muscle, he was told on his diet he could not do it. He proved them wrong with strenuous exercise and determination. He was in good shape when I met him 12 years later.

At one point he was living with a model but got annoyed when she began to eat the same diet as him. He told her quite clearly that he could eat like that but she could not. To me this seemed reasonable – her belief system and hence interaction with her food would be entirely different.

At one point he developed an allergy. I thought that that made sense and that his diet was finally catching up to him. Well, the next time I saw him I asked about his allergy. His comment was that he got his girlfriend to move out and his allergy went away!!!  I thought that a good demonstration of emotions effecting the body.

Another time he said he wanted to lose some weight – I asked how he could do that. He did not seem overweight to me and he did not seem to eat too much when I saw him. His response was – he would eat less.

Well that story for me is food for thought so I am sharing it with you. I personally do not recommend eating French fries as a diet.

You may not have such an extreme diet, however I still believe that your relationship and belief about food changes foods interaction with your body. In my book on the chapter on food I recommend blessing the food before you eat it. I think that this is a way to focus your body on what you want the food to do for you as well as think of something that you are grateful for that day.

My favorite blessing is “Bless this food and all those connected with it” then say something you are grateful for.

It is a great goal to be clear and focused on having a healthy body, to know what you can and cannot eat that works for your body.

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