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Visit to a Bio-dynamic Farm in Chile

I have been the Feng Shui consultant for the Martini Brothers Organic blueberry farm for the last 7 years. Every 3 months with the changing of the seasons I go to the farm to bless it, clear it and check for any adjustments that need to be made. Over the

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Awaken your Empathy with Turquoise

We are all solid and yet we are all frequency.How can this be? Each solid is composed of vibrating atoms giving the composite its own special vibration. When I did research into the structure of molecules I used a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometer (NMR). NMRs can detect the resonating frequencies

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Your Reflections

I have had a bird pecking at my windows for several days in the mistaken belief that 1) it is spring when it is in fact autumn 2)There is a competitor inside my house that he has to remove in order to nest and be happy. My solution has been

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Living Well in Your Body

  Introducing and excerpt from my book Spiritual Reality: Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary on a very important subject – Our bodies. Without our ‘vehicles’ we would not get very far on this earthly planet. Hence my fascination with looking after the physical as well as the spiritual aspects

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