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We are part of the macrocosm downloaded into the microcosm of our amazing bodies.

Living Well in Your Body


Introducing and excerpt from my book Spiritual Reality: Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary on a very important subject – Our bodies. Without our ‘vehicles’ we would not get very far on this earthly planet. Hence my fascination with looking after the physical as well as the spiritual aspects of our being. Following is an excerpt from the chapter “Living well in our bodies”

Lifestyle and Food

In our modern society, our immune systems are failing to keep up. This has resulted in a higher incidence of autoimmune diseases. The increased levels of cancer reflect the inability of our immune system to keep up with the usual cancer cell–cleaning task. We always have cancer cells present, but disease results when the body cannot cope and is unable to remove these cells.

I believe these increases in autoimmune and inflammatory diseases are being seen due to the combination of emotional and physical factors listed below. They are not in order and will affect each person differently.

  • Stress associated with the fast pace of life
  • Unresolved emotional or spiritual issues
  • Insufficient exercise
  • Low joy quota
  • Increased electromagnetic pollution slowly eroding the immune system
  • Lack of healthy gut microorganisms
  • Poor internal hygiene, with resulting internal buildup of toxins in the body

Then There Is Exercise

How do you incorporate spirit into exercise? When you exercise, you support your body and hence your soul. When you are healthy, you help those around you to be healthy. They may not exercise as you do, but they have a positive example in their lives: you. You will be healthier because of it and so give off a different kind of energy as well.

Exercising can also be a form of meditation. It is time for you. It is a time to let thoughts flow from spirit, to just be. The routine becomes a form of meditation. Instead of mulling over a problem that you think you have, it is good to simply let go and see the thoughts floating away. Start to observe what is around you, whether it is a wall or a tree. Have that be your focus for a while. Ask spirit to help you in whatever you need support for. You will soon see other thoughts coming to you that help with concerns in your life. It may also be the awareness of the beauty around you.

Practically, my philosophy on exercise is “Anything is better than nothing.” There are several sayings I go by:

The older you get, the more maintenance. Rather like a car!

If you do not use it, you lose it! Sometimes I only exercise for ten to fifteen minutes per day. However, this gives my body the idea that I am interested in my relationship with it, and it knows it has to keep going.

That’s it for this week, I hope you are enjoying the wonderful vehicle you chose – no matter what shape it is – it deserves the gratitude and appreciation for supporting you here.


Without our  bodies or ‘vehicles’ we would not get far on this planet. Hence my fascination with looking after the physical as well as the spiritual aspects of our being. 

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