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Your Reflections

I have had a bird pecking at my windows for several days in the mistaken belief that

1) it is spring when it is in fact autumn

2)There is a competitor inside my house that he has to remove in order to nest and be happy.

My solution has been to close the curtains to relieve him and me of the frustration involved in attacking something that is not there.

It is rare that something like this happens – so it got me to thinking.

What is the bird trying to tell me? and more importantly  If I get the message will it go away?

I came up with what the bird was trying to tell me. How often have I battled enemies that are not there? How often have I seen enemies or threats when there are in fact none? Who am I being as seen by what is reflected back to me by my environment?

Let’s take the reflected options one at a time.

Battling enemies is an easy thing to do. You might decide from a comment or look that someone does not like you, or that they look like your great uncle Fred who you never got along with. These are subconscious messages that in reality do not even get processed. At some level they are just accepted. The dye is cast and it is often a long road to seeing another option that can be more positive.

Seeing enemies or threats when there are in fact none. This sounds very similar to the first option – however in this instance it is often a case of taking on the belief systems of others. It can be the media or it can be friends or family. These sources are often very willing to share their fears. Their fears have already been processed and justified so are easy to incorporate without much assimilation. It is easy to go with the flow and buy into the fear. You are fitting in and it seems to make sense as there is a general agreement that the fear is justified.

The question for yourself in this case is what do you in your heart believe and what do you want to create in your life?

Who am I being that is reflected back to me in my environment? We all behave in our own way with our own characteristics and history. This in turn brings out responses in our environment and the people surrounding us. In this way we create our lives.

So, when I see the bird attacking phantom enemies, I have to think that in some area in my life I am doing the same. I have decided someone or something is not to be trusted and have acted accordingly – in this way ensuring that I am correct in my assumptions. I am hitting my head against a wall for no reason other than it is something that I believe is truly there.

Oddly enough so far the bird seems to be enjoying itself – it has a mission. It does not seem to be hurt – but I sure would like it to find some other amusement.

In the meantime, I am using the image to defuse some of my beliefs about relationships with the goal of creating a new level of being in the relationship. Symbolically a bird hitting a window can represent the end of a phase of your life – which means a brand-new phase can begin.

What phases of your life are shifting and changing into a new awareness?


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