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Visit to a Bio-dynamic Farm in Chile

Martini Organic/Bio-dynamic Blue Berry Farm in the Patagonia region of Chile. With the beautiful autumn colors of the blueberry leaves.

I have been the Feng Shui consultant for the Martini Brothers Organic blueberry farm for the last 7 years. Every 3 months with the changing of the seasons I go to the farm to bless it, clear it and check for any adjustments that need to be made.
Over the years the farm has converted from organic to bio-dynamic. It has been a pleasure and extremely interesting to see some of the processes involved.

Last week for the autumn visit I was lucky enough to see the bio-dynamic preparations made and meet the bio-dynamic consultant Rene Piamonte who is based in Lima, Peru. His blog for those of you who speak Spanish is

They were preparing the harmony solution composed of different food elements. In effect it was a very tasty dish for humans as well as plants. Bio-dynamic preparations can be thought of as homeopathic food and medicine for the plants. It consists of teas made from herbs and compost solutions, these blends that are diluted and fed to the plants.
The result is excellent tasting and healthy blueberries.
In the photos below they are preparing the harmony blend. And another blend in copper pots. The preparations are stored in special ways and matured before use.


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