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You Have Everything You Need

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 7 of my book

Spiritual Reality: Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

In the physical world around you, you have everything you need as a soul to develop and grow. The issues come when you are striving and stressing without balance, because you feel you yourself are lacking. Or perhaps you’re lacking some physical wants, which are considered to reflect on who you are. I refer to wants because obviously if you are hungry and need food for survival, that is a different issue. I am talking here about a new TV, car, or bigger house—things more associated with prestige than survival.

You are trained in the physical world to want more. The implication in this is that you do not have enough. There is nothing inherently wrong with wanting more. It is good to strive in life for goals that give you pleasure and help others. Anything that you do will influence other people, contributing to them in some way. There is no profession or job that does not contribute to the world around us. Your soul also has a desire to grow and create, giving you a sense of change and movement.

When you feel you are lacking as a person on a subconscious or conscious level, you tend to want to fill that need with physical as well as emotional needs. Emotional needs would be to feel you do not have enough friends or a partner, overeating, and addictions. The physical toys in effect increase the isolation that you can feel internally. They will never be enough because they are not the real lack in your life; these things are simply a substitute for what is lacking. They are never really satisfying, and so it becomes a cycle of wanting more, getting more, not being satisfied, and wanting more. It drives you to more replacements for the imagined internal lack. With more material and emotional substitutions, it can be even harder to delve into the true internal source of lack.

These feelings of lack are reinforced by the media and ads. When you see events from a more positive light and can find the end good that will emerge from those events, your focus can change. The media promotes fear and helplessness; this creates a lot of conscious and subconscious stress in your life. You can say you are watching the news and thinking, I’m glad it’s not me, but in reality your emotions are engaged, and it is also affecting you.

We are all connected, and so there really is no escape! When you start to see the bigger picture of spiritual reality, you are less likely to be a victim of the emotional drama and stress of the news media. People are often immobilized by fear or feeling that they cannot make a difference. These feelings carry over into their personal lives. Using your connection with spirit, you are more likely to help support beneficial actions in the world, either directly or through your personal manifestations. At the same time in your life, you are less likely to be negatively affected by the news media.

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