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When you cannot get what you think you want!

This morning for breakfast I was looking forward to my favorite peach jam that I made from our home grown peaches.

However, I could not get the lid off the new 1-liter jar. My usual methods failed and I was not in the best of moods to experiment with different physical techniques – hot water etc.

As I have described in my book when this happens to me, I normally start to make requests of the items concerned. It can be keys turning in locks or even a jam jar opening. It has never failed when I am sincere in my request to the items concerned.

However, this morning it did not work. I tried and requested several times to no avail. Ridiculous as it may seem I felt like the baby in the photo. I wanted the jam. I make it sugar free and to me it is perfect.

But I took a breath and thought – alright – you win!

Obviously, I was being told something and I needed to listen.

I let go and had faith that it was for the best.

To console myself I remembered the murtilla jam I had also made from our murtilla bushes. They are very high in antioxidants and again no added sugar. So, I figured all would be well with my breakfast.

I went to the fridge to get the partial jar and lo and behold I found an opened 1-liter jar of peach jam. This seemed to explain the new jars unusual reluctance to open. If it had, I would have had 2 x one liter jars of peach jam as well as the murtilla jam. Since I only eat jam for breakfast it would have been an excessive amount of jam.

So why am I telling you this story?

For me it was a reminder. We like to control our environment and thinking that what we are doing is the best for us. Most of the time we are on track and doing what needs to be done in our life and relationships.

At other times we are not aware of the whole story on a conscious level. When we are not observant and force the issues in our direction even when the indications are contrary, we can end up with less than desirable results.

My peach jam was a reminder that things do work out when you let go, and go with the observed indications.

There are many energies around you interacting in ways your will cannot recognize or integrate. When you let your will take a back seat to these many energies it can lead you in a direction you may not have anticipated. A direction that turns out to be better for you.

This does not mean you give up your will, dreams or intentions. It may just mean you get them in a different way or time frame.

After all I did get the peach jam.

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