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We are part of the macrocosm downloaded into the microcosm of our amazing bodies.

Your Body – Soul Communications

I wanted to talk to you today about the connection between your soul and body. Specifically, how our soul tries to tell you things through your body. Hurt and pain can be messages from your body to pay attention to your soul.  When subtler messages have been ignored your soul may be trying to get your attention in a more painful manner.

To give you an example
of what I mean. I had never done a video before. I have given courses and talks
with no problem. However, I had put off doing my first video for 3 days.  On
the third day I suddenly had a problem with my foot.

I did not know why it hurt,
it was not exercise or anything I could think of- but it hurt when i walked. This made me
think about possible causes and ways of getting rid of the pain. I do not
like pain so I asked my guides, angels and God what was going on and how could
I get rid of the pain. It came on quickly, I did not see why I could not get
rid of it quickly.

The message came to me
that it was me dragging my feet on the video

So, me dragging my
feet on the video literally hurt my foot. With the strong incentive of pain I did
the video that day.

In 2 hours, my foot
felt better and in 3 hours there was no pain at all in my foot when walking. The
video was not perfect – but at least I had tackled it. 

With these results I
was very relieved that I got the message my body was trying to give me.  What is the point of the story??

See if you can think
of times in your life where you had been insecure or frightened and as a result
of those feelings your physical body began to suffer, giving you messages you
could not ignore. 

I would like you look
at any ailment or some physical issue that you may have. If you can ask God, your
higher self or whoever you connect with for the highest good, to help you be
clear on the message. To make known to you what your soul is missing or
wanting and what your body is trying to tell you.

That’s it! It’s an
. I love experiments –
I got my doctorate in Chemistry so I am really good at experiments. 

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