Everything is an Agreement

This blog is an excerpt from chapter 1 of my book Spiritual Reality: Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary.

Everything is by agreement, including our relationships with inanimate objects.

This is a very basic law. It is often unpleasant to consider or give credit to, because it appears to throw a huge responsibility onto you. In a world where you already feel you have many responsibilities this can be overwhelming. However, when examined more closely or in terms of the whole it really is not that bad.

I am coming from a monistic approach when I say that the concept of connection with “all”, is a given. In other words, we are connected to everything including the universal source. We made these agreements initially before taking this form here, and continue to make them while here on this earth. The overall picture is one of growth and also support from the matrix that is spirit. In other words, it works both ways.

You are responsible for your actions but are also supported on all levels by spirit. You may not often in the hustle and bustle of life see this side of your agreement. This lack of connection with the support you are due as part of the agreement leaves you at a disadvantage. You are not using all the chips you have available to you in the challenges you have chosen for yourself. I am going to go over some of the more obvious agreements you make with society first.

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