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We are part of the macrocosm downloaded into the microcosm of our amazing bodies.

The Earth is a Being more intelligent than we realize.

NASA photo of Hurricane Florence

People tend to think of the earth as rocks and inanimate matter. Native cultures have a different approach which we as civilized societies have often not recognized.

Native cultures all over the world were very aware of the connection between the earth and their survival. We have lost our connection with the earth that feeds and nurtures us over the years of civilization. The cities have separated us from the earth with cement and technology to divert our focus to an arena of self-interest and business.

Our form of survival has been disconnected from the earth. We assume the food will be nicely packaged in the grocery stores. The farmers who grow it are far away in distance and thought. The earth that they turn even further away. This is understandable in terms of survival in the city or even in smaller towns.  

That is until the earth gives us a nudge or reminder. Then we are shocked and stunned that the earth also has a voice.

Our survival has migrated from what we think the earth can provide – as it has been such a good provider – to how we can gain financially from other people.

However, as we are seeing with the change in climatic conditions the earth does have the final answer on whether we survive or not. A home can be burned to the ground, a lake can dry up or a tornado can strike.

The earth is shifting and growing as we are shifting and growing. The energy we generate gets passed to the earth. The “earth” wires in a house pass the electric energy we generate into the earth which then needs to place the energy in grid lines know as Ley lines. It has to deal with our electric pollution. It also has to deal with our “mental” pollution. Fear, stress, guilt as well as love, joy, forgiveness, happiness and faith.

We send both forms of energy into the earth – electrically generated and generated human frequencies. We have the possibility of helping the earth to grow as a being through our own growth and frequencies of love rather than fear.

Our fear creates more fear which creates more situations to be fearful of.

Our love, faith and forgiveness create a vibration felt thought out the world and through the earth.

We can make a difference in the world simply by who we are being – it feels good for our family friends and ultimately is transmitted to the earth which makes a difference to everyone.

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