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Know When to Stop Doing

We all have very busy lives. The technology we have become accustomed to in the last 50 years has sped up our lives, as well as made things easier for us. We now can communicate from a distance, as well as enjoy an increased knowledge base via the internet. Whether you work away from home or work at home, or just entertain yourself at home you are going at the speed of electrons!

Information here and there. Things to do and learn everywhere.

With these external distractions it is easy to ignore your own natural rhythms and needs. Leave your body and soul in the back room so to speak. After a while with these immediate demands on your time and energy you can forget the needs of your body and soul.

However, your body and soul are the only reason you are on this earth. Without them where would you be?

Not knowing what the basic problem is, with time you can get tired and moody.  You can also get sick.  Your body is trying to get your attention, to make you slow down.  To take a breath.  To have fun.  To follow your heart.  To change direction for a while.

How can you do these things and still lead the busy life you would like to lead or feel you need to lead?

There are two very important ways. They only take seconds of your time and do not even break your concentration – in fact they enhance it.

  • For a second or two focus on an object – preferably something like a plant, the sky, something natural. It can turn into several seconds but do not take too much time or you may wonder off mentally. The idea is to have a mental break without loosing the mood of what you were doing. Give the object your full attention for that second or two. Then go back to what you were doing. Try this several times an hour or how many times feels good to you. Make sure you focus on the object and do not let your mind wonder. This also exercises your eyes as it changes your focus and gives them a rest.
  • While you are typing or looking or talking or defocusing- take a deep breath. Remember to breath deeply. Feel the breath giving you energy to go on with your task in a balanced way. As often as you can, get into the habit of checking your breath. It will lead you to health and give you energy. Without deep breaths you go into a subconscious panic mode as your body feels the lack of sufficient air it needs to function. Shallow breathing is also what you do naturally when you are under attack. This is an unpleasant and tiring state to be in all day!

Sometimes you do not even realize you are stressed – it just becomes a way of being. These exercises give you something simple to work with in your daily life.

It is worth the effort to release your mental and physical stress. It will give your body a chance to remain healthy and happy. Which means you can do more of the things on your scheduled and enjoy yourself as well.

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