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Talking Through the Air

We believe that solid objects are the only things that are real. We have been trained that if we cannot see or feel something with our hands it is not really real!  If there is a wall you do not walk into it -therefore you categorize it as real. In our reality this makes perfect sense and saves quite a few bruises.

This is ingrained into our social mind.  However, it causes confusion when we come across things that affect our senses – but we cannot see or bump into them.  What is real becomes a question you choose to ignore or choose to investigate. What you think is real due to its visible tactile effect on you, compared with what you cannot see or touch and hence considered not to affect you. If you cannot touch or see it then you have been trained to see it as not really existing.

This made sense in the past before technology bought you so many unseen and untouchables that affect your life. The realm of the unseen belonged to religion and God. Everything else was clearly solid and real.

With the advent of technology our vision has expanded– or has it?

You communicate daily with people via internet, wifi, television and radio waves that miraculously create words and pictures from sources miles away. You cannot see these waves; you cannot hear them landing and being incorporated into the equipment. You cannot consciously touch them. Yet you are accustomed and seem comfortable with their miraculous effects. Most of you do not know how this works -yet you accept it as you have the results in the form of sound or information.

Given this situation has been in our lives for many decades I was set to thinking by a conversation with a friend. Her friend had been sick and the friends daughter had sent healing energy to her 3 times a day from another county. She recovered in a couple of days which was rapid and unexpected. My friend could not believe that the healing energy sent could have had an effect as she was so far away and did not “touch” her mother or do any physical healing due to distance.

This made me think: How can we accept frequencies sent through the air that we cannot see and travel for thousands of miles, yet not accept other frequencies sent through the air that we cannot see but can also have an effect. Our own brain frequencies travel in the same way. When you think about it you also do not see the sound waves that you generate with your voice. But sound waves are heard by our ears and interpreted. So, they are also real though not visible and touchable.

We are able to accept the unseen frequencies that surround us and their effect.

Given this it does not seem much of a step to accept that frequencies generated by our minds can also travel distances through air and have an effect at their destination. Long distance healing in the form of prayer and Reiki have been practiced for generations.  

Something to think about.

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