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We are part of the macrocosm downloaded into the microcosm of our amazing bodies.

A World Away

Where everyone smiles and all is well.  Where fairies fly and energy floats. Where differences fade and we are all one. Would you rather be a world away?

If your world was perfect would you be happy? Or would you be restless?

If you were reunited with the source of all, would everything seem to be light and joy? Or would you see the many planets in chaos all looking for a way out? Would you see peace in all that is? Would your existence be a blessing or a misery? Happy or vacant?

I ask these questions because we as humans are always searching. For something better, avoiding something worse, never quite satisfied with what we have. This means we are always growing – one way or another – towards joy or towards an abyss. It may seem like quite a large gap in choices. When you think about it – if you are not happy and appreciating events that befall you, you are in a sense lost to the realities of this world.

Everything that happens gives you an opportunity to change and grow. You are here because there is something here you cannot get on other planets or spaces.  Whatever happens to you here is a blessing in some form. Yes, it may look like an abyss – but abysses have walls you can climb or you may find you have wings to fly.

Keep faith in the source that created you and the help you have to guide you. There are an infinite number of helping hands, so to speak. See what you can find.

Look with love and gratitude around you and the things you see will shift. We are in a world that changes with our change.

We are in a world that resonates with our frequencies of thought and emotions. Shift not because you need something – but because you want something which will give you joy.

Sing for fun, dance to move and enjoy your body and meditate to join the stars. Then you too will at least feel like a fairy, if not actually be one.

When you do this, you will be on this world at this time in this moment and enjoying it.

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