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Building on the times you are Happy

Time flies by without any effort from us. One of the few things we cannot control. We try with labels and with dates and times so that we can relate to it in an analytical manner.

What do you remember of the time you have spent? What comes to mind as the most fun and worthwhile to you? Time in the sun, time in the rain. Time with friends, time working?

Think of a friend and then think of the best time you have had with them. What were you doing? Where were you? How did you feel?

Think of another friend and go through the same process. See what friends come to mind and what it was you were doing with them.

Think of times when you succeeded at work. Were you happy with what you did? Did you feel recognized and so felt appreciated and confident in what you were doing? What made you feel happy?

What times did you remember the most? Those with friends or those where you were successful at work? If you are competitive the wins may come to mind.

When it comes down to it people are more likely to remember times spent with friends or in nature than the successes they had at work.

The point is whatever comes to mind is something that you value deep down. It is something that would be good to repeat and nurture.

In the rush to succeed or the rush to survive, which ever rings true for you, it is easy to lose sight of where you are and what is important to you.

These moments of calling forth the times you value help you gain perspective and appreciation for your life. Try it as often as you can, say once a week or even once a month. Give yourself time to enjoy the memory of moments in your life. This will in turn increase such moments as you value them and recognize them more. It is also a way to subtly and easily manifest more of what you want.

2 thoughts on “Building on the times you are Happy”

  1. Love the idea of checking in and taking a moment to see what things really inspired me. And then to take that next step and make it a point to have more similar times like that.

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