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What is your biggest upset? How do you cure it?

We all get upset about something at some time.

It is part of our human condition and learning process. It is also a gift as it helps us to see what we really are feeling, as opposed to what we think we should be feeling.  

Even so upset is not comfortable and not always a state we want to stay in for too long.

So how to get out of the upset state?

There are three main considerations when doing this. I will be focusing today on the third but will mention the other 2 first.

1) It is important to listen to what your soul is telling you about your recent actions and connections. If nothing comes to mind, it can be something that you do not consciously recall or that has happened in a past lifetime.

2) It is important to be kind to yourself and not feel bad about feeling bad so to speak.

3) It is important to be conscious of the fact that most upsets are caused by thwarted expectations.  Some examples follow to give you an idea of what to look for. An example is the driver that toots his horn because you are not going fast enough from his viewpoint or for his expectations. You are thwarting him without even knowing it!

When you expected to get more work done than you did, is another thwarted expectation.

Your family or friends did not say what you thought they should say about a situation. This has thwarted expectation potential with the associated upset.

You wanted to have fun and ended up working. Which you did not consider fun. A thwarted expectation.

As you go through your day look at and observe times you are annoyed or upset. See if is connected with your expectations. Note when it happens and what the thwarted expectation was. You will likely find a reoccurring pattern.

When you start to recognize the thwarted expectation connected with the upset you are on your way to a solution for this source of upsets.

Start to say to yourself. I am not really upset it is just a thwarted expectation. Take way its power. Take away its seriousness. So, what if your expectations are thwarted. Other expectations will replace them – they are fluid and changing. Nothing to get stuck over.

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