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When You Lose Connection with Spirit

When you lose connection to Spirit you can become sad / depressed / uncertain and lose perspective of what is important to you in your life.

There are many pulls in your life. Peoples opinions, your own wants and desires, working at something you think worthwhile. The news of all the disasters happening around the world that we now have access to.

The adrenal rush of it all, can be very enticing and activating. Fear for oneself, family and friends can be an overwhelming experience.

Focus on the negative no matter how justified, can give a feeling of hopelessness. How many happy and grateful news articles do you read?

 How many inspirational news articles that empower you are there?

There is only one place you can go that is not shifting and controlled by others. Connect to your spirit within as your guide and focus. Your connection with God.

How can you do this? There are many ways – here are a few.

When you appreciate a flower, a sun set and a tree you are opening up your heart to the positive energies that surround you. You are seeing more than your world and conflicts. When you do this for even a few minutes it can shift how you feel and help you to defocus from your inner turmoil.

Sing – yes just hum or sing whatever you are feeling. It is a wonderful way to de-stress and can give you a vibrational shift away from a downward spiral.

Dance – with or without music. Move your body and appreciate it for the wonderful being that it is. Move in whatever way you feel like to release the tension – it could just be shaking your body.  

The gratitude you feel for your body, your voice and nature bring you closer to God and your internal spiritual voice.

Take a spirit break!

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