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We are part of the macrocosm downloaded into the microcosm of our amazing bodies.

The Spaces in-between Time

Our lives are made up of spaces.

Without spaces nothing stands out, nothing makes sense.

Imagine physical space without space! If everything was in one place all together, crowded, mixed and with no sense of individual identity of the objects involved. A jumble of “things” with no room to identify, and thus settle on a single object.

Imagine someone talking without a break – with no space to think or respond or comprehended and absorb what they were saying. It would be quite a jumble and very tiring. Likely you would walk away after a while. Or you could simply smile and go off into your own dream land.

Imagine the written word doing the same thing. Removing all the spaces between lines, sentences and even words. Nothing would make sense.

What of eating and food. What if meals were not spaced out. You just ate them all once a day. Then went off to do your work without a break or space in-between. I wonder how long your body would last.

Even our bodies are full of space. If the spaces between our atoms and in our atoms were removed, we would amount to literally a particle of dust. Due to the space within our atoms, we ourselves are 99.9999% space.  What keeps us held together? – energy, the energy of the quarks and gluons that bind our atoms. To see more on this subject there is a reference below.

Spaces in time are essential for everything to make sense for us in the world we have created.

This is a space that we can control.  A space in time that we can interpret and adjust.

It is also a space that helps everything else make sense. When you are stressed or sad, or frightened. Take a moment out of time to breath deeply. Take a moment to go into infinite space where what ever you are concerned about does not exist. Breath-in space and breath out space. For three breaths.

It is a mini vacation in time and space. When you come back the situation will have changed, you will be in another “space” so to speak. More relaxed and focused in a clearer way.

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