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We are part of the macrocosm downloaded into the microcosm of our amazing bodies.

The Secret of Time

Time seems to be speeding up for many people. The world has developed more techniques to do things faster. We can communicate electronically in seconds. It really is amazing how fast those electrons can travel around the world. The computer appears to be the task master – the one calling the shots.

The washing machine is much faster than the old hand washing by the river. Which gave you time to be at peace with nature and a sense of timelessness. Today there would be no river access to do your washing if you so wanted, unless you were in a quiet spot in the country. There the time would be governed by day and night – giving you at least 12 hours to do something. Giving you time even to rest in between.

The hours of daylight and weather determined out door washing activities.

Now you are indoors most of the time – a little bit like a mole in its hole. You are entertained and work often with technology that is faster than you. It is fascinating and often fun.

It is also easy to get lost in – to lose a sense of time and take on the clock of the helpful technology that you are using. This can lead to losing track of how you can manage our own internal clock and as a result just pay attention to the technological clock. When you do this, you lose part of yourself. You also lose your internal balance and health. You easily become stressed and out of balance.

Every second counts – 5 minutes of waiting can be an eternity. When this happens, you have lost a sense of your own internal clock.

What governs your internal clock?

Something we as humans have been neglecting – our bodies. Our sense of what we need to make us satisfied and happy with our lives. Our bodies and needs are becoming a distraction from the work or fun we think is more important at the time.

What you need to remember is that without your body you cannot do all the work and fun you are being programmed to do. You cannot keep up with the rapid rate of technology without damaging your body and mind unless you take steps to include yourself in the equation of time.

Machines break down when not looked after – so do bodies.

So, what to do? What is the solution? One solution is to put your bodies needs first. This does not only include eating and exercise. It includes breaks of minutes or longer to rebalance our own electrical system. To take deep breaths to meditate for 5 minutes. Doing this you get the electrons in your brain which are fired up constantly to defuse and reset so they can go again. It also gives you time to check with your body about its needs.

It is the vehicle that we need to live here on this wonderful earth.

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