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We are part of the macrocosm downloaded into the microcosm of our amazing bodies.

Who do you trust?

We all have our own mind, beliefs and viewpoints. It is one of the wonderful options we have in life. Each of us is convinced we are correct – otherwise why would we hold the belief? Then we look at the wider world and believe that what we hold as true is also true for our surrounding world.

How do we decide what is true?

The news media, friends, trusted sources, our family background all play a part in what we decide is the truth.

These sources all have their own reason for choosing their truth. The media may be owned by someone with a particular viewpoint or someone who is being paid to promote their viewpoint. Sometimes a view point becomes fashionable and people are swayed simply by the fact that others have this view point. They do not want to be left outside the “tribe” so to speak. Now with instant media access via the news sites, internet, U-tube, and webinars etc. there are literally a million different views of what is happening in the world.

How does this affect you?

There are bad feelings, conflicts between friends as the world becomes more polarized. I believe that each thought that we have is a form of energy that is sent out to the world. The fear and conflict that is being sent out at this time is close to hurricane range.

People feel fear for their lives, then fear for their lively hood and fear for their families. Many have lost the trust in their own bodies which is the ultimate vehicle that we have in life.  The trust in a beneficial government is also being eroded through out the world.

Ultimately the only person you can look after and trust is yourself.

As the saying goes no one else can die for you – likewise no one else can live for you. The more you live in fear and judgment of any one issue, the more your body wants to be out of here – where is the fun and love we came in for? Where is the child within that disappeared at 4- 5 years of age to become the conditioned good child?

With all the distracting beliefs and opinions, it is easy to lose sight of your own higher guidance and intuition. THEY (others) must be right.

Look at your own sense of what feels good in your body for the answer. External sources are other people’s opinions and biases – make sure you are first connected to your heart and a commitment to the earth that nurtures you. Come from a sense of who you are and what supports you on a soul level, that makes you want to stay on this earth.  

Think of what you want to put out into the world energetically – is it anger, fear, insecurity, lack of trust in life? Think of what you want to support on a soul level.

I am opting for faith that we will create a wonderful environment with the earth for all its inhabitants. Trust that I and my family will be looked after, with love for all that surrounds me, with gratitude and forgiveness for those souls still working on their way to perfection in love. Which I think includes us all.

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