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When You Do Not Want to Be Happy

Why would you not want to be happy you might ask? Is that not what everyone wants?

They look for happiness in relationships, family, partnerships, drugs, friends, success at work or looking forward to the next holiday or adventure.  So, it must be an innate human desire must it not?

Then why does there seem to be so much searching and so little finding?

One reason is that part of our lives will always have something that does not fit in with our plans as, we think we have made them.

There are many people and many needs and beliefs on earth – it guarantees that we cannot have it all our own way – hence the unhappiness response is brought about for most people.

The number one reason for unhappiness is said to be thwarted expectations.  For example, someone cuts a person off in traffic. I am sure you have heard and see rather angry and unhappy responses.  There are many mundane and repetitive examples. You expected friends over and they canceled. You wanted a job promotion and did not get it. You think you need a partner in life and have not been able to find one. These can all be seen as reasons to feed the unhappiness quota.

There are lots of reasons people do not actually want to be happy. Some of them are very logical and understanding. Your spouse of 50 years dies. You miss them terribly and are unhappy for the next 2 years. You have no desire to be happy. Your reason for happiness has evaporated. You expected to live the rest of your life with your partner. A sad thwarted expectation.

At some point you have to decide what mode of action benefits you and those around you, as well as the planet that supports you. Are those thwarted expectations really what you want to use to drive your life and goals?

Should we be happy all the time? is it something that we should be search for, trying to achieve?

I think happiness is something that we aim for to bring balance into our life. It is not always there – but it not far away either. It is waiting in the next moment.

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