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We are part of the macrocosm downloaded into the microcosm of our amazing bodies.

Meditation On the GO

Light in the darkness

When doing the dishes or the accounts are not so interesting. Try these simple methods to bring gratitude and joy into the tasks at hand.

  1. Focus outside of yourself. By this I mean every time you see or use an object focus on the object as if it were a being in physical form. It too is energy as are we. Talk to it if you like- mentally – can be fun to ask it questions and be open to the answers. Give gratitude to the object for its place in your life. Acknowledge it as something of value to you.
  2. When you are making tea, drinks or food thank the plant that produced the food in front of you. Thank it for the energy that it gives you. While you are at it you could thank the farmers and shippers and store as well! That will definitely give you a lot in your gratitude bank.
  3. We are made up of roughly 70% water but at the same time each atom that we are made up of is 90% space. If we were to be compressed to our actual “solid” matter we would be the size of a pea. With this in mind look into the atoms of the object you are using or working with. Visualize them spinning and humming to their own tune. Think of the 90% of space that is in them and you. That will definitely bring you out of the mundane into the extraordinary.
  4. You have looked at the micro scale of atoms – now try looking inwards, but on an energetic and soul level. While you are doing your chores – look inwards as if you were sitting down and meditating.  You will find yourself relaxing and defocusing from your mind’s stories.

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