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Do you want to save the world?

We see so many movies about saving the world. It calls to our sense of adventure. But how many people feel that in their daily lives they can save the world even if they wanted to? How many even want to? Life seems enough of a challenge for most people without saving the world.

Does this make your life less valuable? Do you have to do something really dramatic to make a difference in the world? In other words, are you yourself good enough to count in the world without a dramatic impact?

There may be a subconscious belief that you need to do something dramatic in order to make yourself more important or valuable to society.  This is a difficult belief for the majority of the people to accomplish in their daily lives.

If we get something done on our list and have accomplishments and goals, we are saving the world in some way. At least our world. We can also do projects that add to the earth and “save” it to some extent. This can make us feel important and worthwhile. This is a good thing – feeling important and worthwhile are a good emotions to have.

How you carry out your tasks and goals makes a huge difference to the impact you have on the world. Your energy is passed on to others and the earth itself. Often this aspect of the task is not considered. It is often a focus on the end result only. There can be a cost involved with the task which may not be considered.  

Have you ceased to relate to other people in the process of reaching your goal? Are you critical of others and is this the main focus of your emotions?

Have you used your ability to manifest and visualize or only used your critical analytical judgments? Do you feel like you have saved at least part of the world at the end of the day? Or do you feel stressed, drained and like you are moving through molasses? Have you taken yourself too seriously and not had a chance to smile or laugh?  

I believe that each person counts in their own way. We are all connected and hence if we smile as the saying goes – the world smiles with you. You are your own world with friends, work and connections in life. When you are stressed those around you are stressed. When you are happy it gives them a chance to be the same. Emotions are contagious.

Will your smile save the world? Probably not. But it will save you and those around you.

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