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The Main Ingredients for Success

I am assuming you want success. Most people have something they want to be successful at: work, business, friends, health, family or relationship.

Though it may appear simple, the first ingredient for success is to truly want it.

This is not as easy as it seems – there are so many stories in our head that we do not even hear or see consciously. These subconscious stories can sabotage our goals of success. They can be from our childhood or past lives or society or the remnants of the lives of our family.

These subconscious stories hide behind your belief systems. In this way you can make them right and you can be righteous. If usually feels good to be right, even if we don’t get our goals met. At least you will be right.

Being right is a form of success. It may not be the goal you are after – but it does give you the feeling of being successful and right.

How do you overcome this?

1) By allowing yourself to be on the way to your goal – By this I mean don’t be annoyed with yourself if you have not reached your goal yet.

2) By taking a step at a time in whatever form you can. Whether it is physical, spiritual or emotional, each step counts.

3) By giving yourself credit for having found a goal you want to succeed at.

4) It is important to have a goal that your heart calls for and makes you happy. Without this deep connection with your goal success is less likely, and if it is attained may feel empty.

5) Knowing that if it is a goal for the good of all as well as yourself, it will come to pass with patience, help from friends here and above.

May you have wonderful success in your ventures and dreams.

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