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How to find Peace within Yourself

Peace is something we all instinctively need. I am talking about the internal peace that balances our body mind and spirit no matter the external surroundings.

Our soul calls for it, our body calls for it and our emotions call for it. Without peace your soul is at sea, your body is stressed and loses its ability to function well and your emotions are all over the place.

With work and distractions of family and friends you may not feel that you have time or energy to spare to find ways that you can introduce peace into your day. However, if you don’t take time to do this you may see that your body, soul and emotions find other less constructive pathways to apparent peace.

It is easy to get into the cycle of distraction to dull the constant activity. It could be watching too much television, addiction to games, using drugs and alcohol to excess.  Then, getting annoyed at yourself and thus having even less internal peace. I am talking here about excesses in these activities when they dominate your life and thoughts.

What are some pathways to internal peace no matter what your circumstances?

Here are a few instant mini internal peace vacations to experiment with.

Breath In and out of your nose with the full length of your tongue against the palate of your mouth and your teeth lightly touching. This is described more in Mewing web sites where it has helped some people shape their facial structure.  The location of the tongue also helps to shift breathing and body alignment   The tongue is a bridge between the conscious and subconscious. I have felt it connects your head with your heart and helps me to breathe better and in a more relaxed way. Tongue exercises and placement have been used extensively in yoga for centuries

Defocus for seconds at a time – no matter what you are doing or who you are with. It can be done simply by looking at a plant, animal or anything you can see from nature, even if only a picture. Focus on it for a second or 9 – you will not miss much from your activities in that time. However you will shift your being to a more peaceful place internally.

As with all activities in your life your intention is what guides you to whatever it is you are doing. First is intention then is action. So if your intention is to be more peaceful internally your actions will match your intention.

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