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We are part of the macrocosm downloaded into the microcosm of our amazing bodies.

Who are you Really?

Like a flower with many petals making up the whole, we show many faces to those around us. How many faces do you have?

What do I mean by that? I am not referring to make up or clothes though they too can change with the face we are using for the time.

We often act in a specific way with specific people.

It can be for many valid reasons some conscious and some unconscious.

* We may behave in a way that is expected of us by the other person. Even find ourselves doing it and wondering why we are.

*Or we have a history of behaving that way with them.

*Or we do not want to offend them

*Or we do not want them to see who we truly are.

These are all perfectly valid reasons and follow normal behavior patterns.

The problem comes in when you do not know which face is truly yours.

 All of them? One of them or none of them?

It may become a habit that is invisible, leaving you wondering who in fact you are.

Watch yourself with different people and see the difference in your behavior.

Then ask yourself which persona is in fact you.

An easy place to start is to think of who you want to be.  In a quiet moment by yourself, ask yourself questions like

*What makes me happy?

*How much do I want to adjust myself to others? – here I do not mean being rude to others you do not agree with.

*What people do I feel the most comfortable being with?

*With whom am I most like the person I want to be?

Then look at your friends and see how they fit into who you really feel you are. Do you need to get new friends? Release those that have contributed to you and vise versa, but now it is a habit or just not what you want to spend your time doing.

That brings up the point of time.

Really all you have is your health and time on this lovely planet.

Assume you are looking after our health. That leaves time.

It is very valuable, it is something that we use that shapes our feelings and gives us health or makes us sick if we do not use it wisely.

Time is far too valuable to let it slip away on an unwitting aspect of your behavior, that you do not even like or want to have.

So take a good look at your behavior and how you feel as well as what you are saying next time you talk to someone. See how you really feel as opposed to how you should feel.

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