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We are part of the macrocosm downloaded into the microcosm of our amazing bodies.

How do you know your Reality exists?

How do we know what existence is? Each moment lasts the moment and is gone. The existence from that moment is gone. This can be a good thing in the sense that each moment can change and each moment is new. But what does it change to and how can we direct the change?

That is the question!

So much of our life is filtered through our belief systems which act as rose colored glasses in their most positive sense. We all know that there is a side that we may not want to see as well. Our thoughts change, our feelings change, our relationships change, and we change our bodies with time. But mostly our belief systems do not change. I suspect this is because for the most part we are unaware of them.

What we think is real is something that we can create and manufacture through our belief, and our wants which are related to our beliefs.

Each person has their own history and beliefs derived from it. Each person is a world unto themselves. What seems obvious and real to one person does not to another. What happens consistently to one person does not happen to others.  

What is real? Is there one reality or as many realities as people on the planet earth?

What is eternal and consistent? What is bigger that yourself and so likely to survive the passing moments and time? We each have our own answers to anchor us to our lives on earth. For me I think that the true anchor is the connection with the earth.

To live in a moment no matter how you feel and see clouds in the sky or a plant growing.  I know that those are things I do not make up or change with my belief systems. The sky is the sky no matter what mood or belief I have at the time. My belief may shift my appreciation or lack thereof, but it will not shift the reality of the sky.

In this sense the earth itself is the great anchor, the true reality independent of our shifts and changes.

When we take a moment to focus and enjoy its abundance we can shift our reality to the greater flow of life that surrounds us.

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