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10 Ways to get over the Blues

Part of being human is to live and also to die.  We all have loved ones, friends and pets who have passed on.  This is the process of life. It is not a mistake or strange that we die as well as live.  It is natural to grieve and miss the person and pet that one has loved.  It is natural to feel the threat of mortality which we manage to keep at bay, most days with survival and activities that have our attention.  These activities seem more important than the end result of our lives.  When someone near to us passes on we are reminded of the shortness of our own life.

Ultimately our death gives us the gift of life.  Without an ending we would not value our daily life, family and friends to the same extent.  When you are going to lose something you value it more highly.

But still, how do we recover from the blues that the passing of someone, the missing of them and the reminder of our mortality brings up?

Here are 10 ideas- try them out when the mood strikes you – even if it does not.

Don’t miss the 11th bonus idea at the end.

1) Smile – Moving your muscles into a smile shifts your emotional meter for how you feel. Your subconscious feels the smile and thinks things are not as bad as your mind is telling it.

2) Cry – honestly express your emotions so that you can feel them. You cannot release and go forward with emotions that have not been acknowledged or expressed.

3) Let go – You may not know what you are letting go of – just say you are letting. You will be surprised at how freeing that feels.

4) Find something you think is beautiful – usually in nature. Distraction is always good – it gives you a chance to regroup and move forward. It also gives you something beautiful to live for.

5) Forgive someone – This focuses on someone else which gives your emotional turmoil a chance to recover. It also releases past trauma which may even be connected with the current trauma.

6) Be happy for someone else – This again changes the subject of you and your struggles to focus on someone else. It also gives you the sense that happiness can come to you eventually.

7) Help someone else – A very rewarding distraction if done out of concern for someone else.

8) Hear/ see / read a joke – Shifts the energy from heavy to light if only for a second. Many seconds make up a minute, 60 minutes make up an hour etc.- you get the idea.

9) Have faith– What else is there? You have faith that the sun rises every morning and sets at night.  You have faith that you will wake up in the morning.  That family or friends or a pet will be there for you.  That your God will help you through the day and the long night of your life.  Without faith there really is very little we can hold on to. We would be a leaf in the ocean blown in many directions.

10) Be grateful– There is always something to be grateful about: your vision, your hearing your friends or your food supply.  A moment of gratitude shifts you from the dark abyss.

You may not be able to manage all these activities- but even one or two will make a difference on a daily basis – hopefully enough to get you through the crisis. 

Here is the bonus idea which shifts all of those ideas above to a higher level.

11) Love your self– feel an emotion of love for yourself no matter what is happening around you or in your head. When you do this you raise your frequency and shift your life.  The events change and shift to something which is consistent with your feeling of love for yourself.

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