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We are part of the macrocosm downloaded into the microcosm of our amazing bodies.

Why BE happy now?

You ask who does not want to be Happy? Well, in theory most people would say they want to be happy. On the other hand, what makes people happy varies a great deal. What may make someone happy may have no effect on another. Belief systems, country, background and family all play a part in what people have decided makes them happy.

We have many choices in life, physical choices, emotional choices and spiritual choices.

People often base their happiness on one of those 3 arenas without considering the others. This can make for an incomplete sense of happiness a feeling that something is missing and you are not really happy, but think you should be.

So, what combination of the physical, emotional and spiritual arena makes you happy?

*At what point does the physical accumulation loose its appeal?

*At what point do you decide the perfect partner in fact does not make you happy?

*At what point does the seeking of spiritual wisdom have you feeling you really do not belong on the earth?

These are extreme cases I am using to make a point to help you focus on what ratio of your life journeys makes you happy.

Once you have decided which is the most important combination of material, emotional and spiritual goals, the question then arises as to when is the best time for happiness.

Do you think it is when you have attained your goals for happiness that then you should be happy?

I tend to think that when we have goals, once the goal is attained we move on. With this in mind I think it is more likely to be happy for extended time periods when you include a bit of happiness in each moment and day. The goal is still there for your perfect combination in life.

I think that happiness is not a goal as we so often think– it is a process. The only way to accomplish the process is in the current moment.

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