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The Fear Factor, how to Free Yourself

Phoenix Rising from the Ashes by Lori Larson

Our society is full of fear. We are part of the society. Each thought we have reinforces the beliefs of the society. Are they our fears we are reinforcing or those of the society? Which is which?

Before I go on to talk about how to release our fears let’s make sure you are clear on what fears you may possibly have.

Society fears are reinforced by the general media and movies. They attract our attention and in general you are fascinated with the situations that you do not approve of and judge as “not your cup of tea” to put it mildly. But still most people listen in fascination and fear to the news. This of course builds more fear.

Then there is social fear which means you do not want to offend your neighbors or you do not want them to think badly of you so you do what the “consensus” suggests. The consensus is determined by the general news media and movies. Not many people will go against this programing. News stories are repeated constantly day and night. Little facts are given – it is all about the drama of life and death, misery and fear. It does not really matter what news stories you listen to they tend to have the same theme. Not many talk about empowerment of the individual or society.

In this way we are subconsciously programmed to think we have no power as individuals. This is true when we go with the programs given to us. However – we are choosing these programs. No matter what news station you are watching it is something you are choosing that is affecting your life and that of the society.

Then we come down to the personal fears encouraged by the disempowering news media. They tell you, you will end up without jobs, you will die of an infection as more and more microbes are resting the chemical warfare of the conventional western medical system.  You will be a helpless victim.

This has been the story of our planet for thousands of years– we have been a victim planet. It is time to shift the energy and uplift it for the sake of every living thing on this planet as well as the planet. A great book on this subject is The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz.

So how do you combat an enemy that is part of your programing and subconscious? I say enemy because although fear can be useful to defend yourself, when in a constant state of fear it wears down your body and reduces your strength and immunity. It negates the higher energy of love which cannot live in the same space.

This is the clue, where there is love there cannot be fear and vice versa. Try it.  When you are frightened of something start to feel love for it – it may take some practice but is worth it. When you feel love for something it changes your focus and the reality you are in. The love that you feel spreads energetically around you.  

We are truly on a manifesting planet.  It is our choice to manifest with joy and love. You are strong enough – the human race has overcome many obstacles over millennium. We did it with the help of friends and family. It’s in your genes🙂

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