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Writing Retreat in the south of Chile

I was guided to go on a writing retreat for 2 weeks. The dates were very specific: 27 July to 11 August. It turns out that is the exact dates of the Lion´s Gate Portal astrological cycle. During this period there is an enhanced opening for tapping into your inner wisdom and intuition. It happens every year at about this time. I however did not realize it till I saw the Instagram notice from the_inspired_oracle.

I found a wonderful cabin north of Valdivia in the south of Chile, at La Mision beach. This was rather a prophetic location considering I intended to write the draft for 4 books in 2 weeks there.

It was a glorious location with incredible sunny winter weather. I did write the first draft for the 4 books.  Before these are published I will be publishing my other 2 books. More news on them later. Sign up for my email list to get more updates.

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