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Support Your Immune system with Healthy Choices

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Today I will cover some excerpts from Chapter 8: Living Well in Your Body from my book Spiritual Reality: Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary. 

In this chapter, I would like to talk about taking care of the physical vehicle that keeps us here on earth: our bodies. When our bodies are healthy, it is much easier to have a full and enjoyable life. Our physical health affects our mental and emotional health, and hence our ability to reach for the level of spiritual connection that supports our body and soul.

We are not given a manual on how to look after and nourish our bodies at school. A manual would be handy, both for the physical and emotion aspects of our being.

In our modern society, our immune systems are failing to keep up. This has resulted in a higher incidence of autoimmune diseases. The increased levels of cancer reflect the inability of our immune system to keep up with the usual cancer cell–cleaning task. We always have cancer cells present, but disease results when the body cannot cope and is unable to remove these cells. Similarly we have millions of viruses and bacteria in our bodies which cause us no harm when we are in balance.

I believe these increases in autoimmune and inflammatory diseases are being seen due to the combination of emotional and physical factors listed below. They are not in order and will affect each person differently.

  • Stress associated with the fast pace of life
  • Unresolved emotional or spiritual issues
  • Insufficient exercise
  • Low joy quota
  • Increased electromagnetic pollution slowly eroding the immune system
  • Lack of healthy gut microorganisms
  • Poor internal hygiene, with resulting internal buildup of toxins in the body
  • High acidity levels in the body supporting a disease state

Take a look at this list and see what most applies to you. Start to research natural solutions to help your body cope with disease and viruses that have taken advantage of a body out of balance.

When your body is in balance it can heal itself. It was made to regenerate. For thousands of years we have been living with disease and viruses. They are basically clean up mechanisms like maggots in rotting material. Plants are also attacked by insects and disease when they are unhealthy, weak and unhappy in their location.

Small changes in lifestyle can make large improvements in your health and mind. It is worthwhile to give some of your time over to learning about the vehicle you have in this life.

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