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We are part of the macrocosm downloaded into the microcosm of our amazing bodies.

Do you want to Enjoy Saving the Earth?

We all want to be a hero – hence the popularity of saving the world movies. In this blog I am talking about how to save the Earth and the world of those people involved in your circle.

When you work on raising your own understanding and energy it is not just something that affects you. It affects all those around you and then expands to the world that you create. Working on raising your own frequency through joy, forgiveness, love, gratitude and understanding changes the Earth – the world you live in. You are a part of the Earth you are her feelers.  You are her expression of energy. GA I AM

You create around you and send your energy to the Earth.

Being and electromagnetic being you send out electromagnetic energy. It is not something you can stop or change. But it is something that you can modify through consciousness. You can focus on sending out the most life giving forms of energy or frequencies. Your joy, your love and your forgiveness are shared emotions and frequencies. They go out into the world like radio waves or internet signals. You do not really know where they will end up once they have left their source and you are their source.

The higher energy you have the stronger your body will be and your ability to help yourself as well as others expands accordingly.

If you want to raise your energy and help others raise their energy focus daily for moments at a time on:





*Unconditional love

These are the higher energy generating emotions. You can almost feel yourself being lifted physically.

As an example of how to lower your energy think of *pain, *fear, *pride and *judgment.

Feel the difference?

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